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Never Famous is an online employment portal for concert tour and festival staff, created by concert touring industry leader Jerome Crooks to connect tour staff and tour production companies. The company fills a unique niche within a tight-knit, but international industry.


The concept was to serve the many unseen, “never famous” staff responsible for the behind-the scenes work it takes to put on a concert tour. The start-up organization needed full-service marketing support to launch its ambitious new business, including a logo, business cards, promotional flyers, cardstock handouts, stickers, and a customized website that would support the needs of this very specific clientele.


The Never Famous website needed to cater to experienced concert tour staffers as well as bands and production companies. N&C created a customer management system-based website specifically for that purpose.

The membership-based site allows tour personnel to manage profiles featuring job titles, experience, resumes, notable tours list, references, and even scheduling assets such as departure airports locations. One of the key tools that differentiates Never Famous from its competition is the Availability Calendar that allows staffers to identify blocked dates where they might be tied up with other tours. This is a critical planning advantage during busy touring seasons.

Membership is based on referrals and experience, so bands and production companies are assured of qualified candidates. Custom web tools allow them to search candidates in the database by name, job position, dates and availability.

The site also features a social wall, About Us page, photo gallery, messaging tool and industry resources.

“N&C has been integral in the strategy, branding, and development of Never Famous, which is gaining traction and praise for its useful staffing tools and beautiful user interface. I couldn’t be happier with how this brand turned out.”

- Jerome Crooks, Partner
Never Famous

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