The Wallis Family Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Mark Wallis, a Sugar Land, TX area businessman, that seeks to raise research money and awareness for epilepsy. This website is a sister site to one recently built for their signature event, Bikes & Bugs (, so the two sites needed to have design aspects in common yet reflect their own personalities. The site is geared towards raising awareness for epilepsy and seeking donations, while the site promotes pre-parties and the main event (held at Ragin Cajun – Sugar Land each spring) through photos, videos, social feeds, a calendar introducing the pre-parties/main event, and promotes the Corporate and Title Sponsors that put money and effort into making this a great event. Congratulations to the three organizations and founders involved in this great cause:

– Mark Wallis, Principle – Wallis Family Foundation

– Dominic Mandola, Owner – Ragin Cajun Restaurants

– Chris Nelson, President – Los Guys Riding Club

The site was built on a WordPress platform and modified so plugins remained consistent with design parameters. Features include the back-end management system, participation links, upcoming events, news feeds, epilepsy facts, photos, a contact form and social links . Check out the site and let us know what you think of it!