2015 was a roller coaster for N&C. We had some challenges as I believe all of Houston has. However, we also had areas of growth for the company. For example, we brought on several great new clients, hired a new employee, Christy Keating, and moved to a larger office space which will allow us to continue growing and serving our clients in the coming years. We have really enjoyed the clients we are working with and look forward to serving them more in 2016. In the meantime, we decided it was time to take a short break to reflect on our accomplishments. The office staff met at iFly for a fun team building exercise and lunch together. We had a blast and just like Houston’s economy in 2015, were tossed up, down and all around. If you haven’t tried the indoor skydiving place, I highly recommend it. You enter a giant multi-story tube with 110+ mph wind forcing its way up towards the ceiling. A trainer is there to get you into flying position and off you go. Below are staff flying videos for your entertainment. I am grateful for both the clients and staff we have here at N&C.