We have always had clients where we worked closely together as a partner, and found those relationships to be the most rewarding because we weren’t for example, just building a website and disappearing. We enjoy being a part of the marketing and technical initiatives our clients undertake for their businesses.

The team at N&C offers a strong set of skills in solving creative and technical challenges through graphic design and web mediums and handling ongoing needs such as updates to the site admin system and plugins, security checks, backups, hosting, SEO, social media, copy writer and other such services. These are all things that we offered individually, but that many clients did not act on. Our new mantra became to pitch N&C as a solution partner and even consider passing on projects that were intended to be “one-and-done” jobs.

We now specify what we are responsible for each month and actively pursue those activities. Guess what? The solutions have become more consistent in messaging and comprehensive in nature. We love it and our clients are responding positively.