In Web Marketing After SEO – Step 1 and Step 2, we discussed the implementation of a blog tool, RSS subscriptions, distributing blog content throughout your website, and feeding blog content to your social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In Step 3, we’ll discuss how to use your blog to automate an email marketing campaign*.

Everyone gets annoying emails from unsolicited businesses pushing their various products and services, but there are some company e-newsletters you actually subscribe to and look forward to receiving. For us, there are several website and web marketing newsletters that we pay close attention to. How do these companies staff, manage, and acquire customers for such an undertaking? Nelson & Co. has implemented a solid solution for many of its customers through the use of the blog tool and RSS feeds described in Step 1. You now have your blog tool and articles are being written. Through the use of a third party email marketing service, Nelson & Co. establishes customer accounts for broadcast email services, uploads a customer database you provide, and installs subscribe and unsubscribe functionality on your current website. This gives your site visitors the opportunity to register or request to be removed from your e-newsletter mailling. We then take it one step further by creating an e-news blog category and setting up an e-newsletter template on your server, which uses the RSS functionality of your blog tool to pull the most recent articles into the e-newsletter. For example, at any given point, this template is pulling various articles such as Press Releases, Upcoming Events, and Tips/Tutorials to various sections of the page. We then code the 3rd party tool to grab this e-newsletter and do a broadcast to the existing email database on a regularly scheduled timeline…whether it be once a week or once a month. You now have yet another way to reach out and make contact with clients and prospects.

You now have the following benefits:

  1. Increased search engine rankings
  2. Visitors to subscribe to your feeds and get updates every time you post something in the blog
  3. Fresh content fed from blog to various sections of website
  4. Facebook and Twitter accounts with fresh content fed from blog
  5. An automated e-newsletter
  6. One location to post content and initiate everything!

Short of paid advertising, you now have a comprehensive web marketing program that is as easy to manage as possible. This does not diminish the fact that basic search engine marketing principles should first be implemented into your website, but more of a “next steps” action to further promote your website online.


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*Nelson & Co. does not condone annoying or illegal email marketing practices and we promote the use of legal marketing practices as  outlined by the Federal Trade Commission with the CAN-SPAM Act.