Keeping your company and its products or services fresh in the minds of clients and prospects is a big challenge, especially in a down economy when your office staff may be over tasked as it is. The great thing about computers, the Internet and software product innovations is that there always seems to be an available solution out there … if not a direct solution, then an indirect one. Nelson & Co. now has several case studies where we were able to help clients blog, send automated broadcast e-newsletters and update social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter…all from one location.

The biggest challenge with social marketing isn’t a subscription or even software purchase. Most venues (like blogging platforms, Facebook and Twitter) are free. The challenge comes with the realization that once you commit to doing these things, someone has to log into every one of these tools and update them on a regular basis. Though Nelson & Co. does offer copywriter services, an ongoing expense is still a major consideration. But what if you could distribute the task among your current staff and still have final control over what ultimately goes out? Well, you can and in our opinion it all starts with your blog!

Nelson & Co. has been implementing WordPress installations for their clients for over three years now and has also helped customers with existing Blogger accounts.  We believe this is the launching point for your Social and viral marketing. Considering that Google bought Blogger, its not hard to see that Google does too. Blog tools allow you to create categories for various topics such as Press Releases, Upcoming Events, Product Updates, Tips and Tutorials, etc. You can set up different employees as Writers for a specific category then assign a recurring Outlook Task or Calendar Item to remind them of their deadlines…say ‘The 1st Friday of every month.” When they write the articles, they post them, but can’t publish them or take them live. You, or an assigned Editor, gets an email saying the article is ready to review and take live!

Blogs typically come with a feature called RSS, which allows people to subscribe to your postings and be updated everytime you post something. As we’ll discuss in later articles within the “Web Marketing After SEO” series, you will also be able to push the content out to websites through this tool.

A blog tool is a great first step to going Social. This one step alone will:

  1. Increase your search engine rankings
  2. Allow visitors to subscribe to your feeds and get updates every time you post something in the blog
  3. Sets the ground work for the rest of your Social and Viral marketing program

Look for “Web Marketing After SEO – Step 2” in the coming weeks!


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