Friends, Family and Business Associates,

I can’t believe the year is almost half way through. It has been a somewhat busy year for us at Nelson & Co., primarily because of the project. For those who haven’t listened to me carry on about it, was a company that I was involved with during the dot com boom. We sold it to a company in Phoenix, AZ in 2002 and three years later, they closed their doors. I bought the domain back and sat on it until a couple entrepreneurs came out to see me around Christmas 2008. They had an idea for an outdoors websites and I mentioned my experiences during the dot com era and that I had bought the domain name back. From that day on, we’ve been working towards this day. Around Christmas 2009, they got their funding and we got started. We hired five programmers, leased out some space adjacent to mine and went to work.

The site’s initial goal was to be a social and informational resource for anglers in the beginning and then move into other industries such as hunting. It would have a means to find and hire fishing guides as well as socialize with other fishing enthusiasts, post photos and videos, read blogs and forums, have access to all the cool new products the industry has to offer, organize fishing trips and create groups such as college fishing team.

On July 1st, that goal was realized and we soft launched We will be traveling to Las Vegas on July 14th for the iCast industry fishing show to begin our marketing launch. This really is a great website and we’re pouring new features into it on a weekly basis.

As a friend, family member and/or business associate, your opinions mean a lot to me, so thank you in advance for any time you commit to discovering and experiencing our newest website…

Best Regards,
Damien Nelson