N&C completed their 2015 website design and development. Image shows the site in various responsive views.N&C took on some personal challenges this past year or more that were long over due. First, we realized it was time to freshen up our look and underwent a logo revision. With this logo, we then updated our proposals and created our own mini sales brochure and a new website, something we definitely needed. We changed our accounting software, task management system and even the system we use for managing multiple developers working on each project … complete with roll-out proceedures.

Sample self promotion postcard for N&C's office moveWe also realized that there would be no growth opportunities signing another long-term contract for a 500 sq. ft. space that already had five people triping all over eachother. We found a space on Commerce Green two exits closer to Houston from our former location and were able to double our space.

Christy Keating - Office AdminKnowing that we had the additional space, we took the step of hiring Christy Keating to assist with book keeping and a newly developed “Fortune Teller” monthly client report.