E-Newsletters & Promotional Emails

Houston email campaigns

Staying at the forefront of your customer's or prospect's mind is a worth activity and the use of web content, social media and a periodic email campaign are great ways to do this. N&C offers the functionality of tying website content, events and promotions to a periodic email campaign send articles, events and promotions, on a branded layout, to their subscriber list using a third party service. Nelson & Co. handles the setup, designs and configurations as well as the actual e-news content layout and broadcasts, all tailored to our client's specific goals and needs. We do not provide email lists and advocate only the use of a client's contact list or those subscribed specifically to receive your emails. E-blast automation? We can even automate an e-newsletter that grabs the latest content from your site's news, events and/or promotions pages, then blasts the messaging out to subscribers on a scheduled interval making the whole process as painless as possible.