Logo and website images from Dr. Both Virtual Health logo and web design project.

Outfitting a start-up with a new brand such as a logo and web design services is always a great challenge and a fulfilling adventure. Recently, the Entrepreneur and Founder of DrBot Virtual Health, Henry Ibekwey, approached Nelson & Co. for help establishing a visual representation for their rather progressive concept. The idea was to setup robotic systems throughout rural medical facilities, which would then allow patients and their local doctors to consult medical specialists located in the more specialist-rich rural areas, such as the Houston Medical Center. Dr. Bot’s robotic systems offer video and audio telehealth features as well patient monitoring capabilities.

The first challenge was branding. N&C was asked to establish a logo and colors for the new organiziation. By way of an information gathering meeting, we were asked to consider a human shape with robotic features, and something symbolic of Dr Bot’s ability to transmit data across distances. After the logo and colors were established, N&C proceeded with next phase of the project (web design & development) using client provided text and stock images which we were to initiate with online research and recommendations. The stock images were specifically a challenge, since this concept goes several steps beyond telehealth, which  itself is still somewhat progressive in nature.

Dr. Bot is now up and running, and N&C is pleased to have been a part of this company’s inception. We look forward to future projects as the brand continues to grow. To learn more about DrBot Virtual Health, visit https://www.drbotvirtualhealth.com.