Jackie Hutto Copywriter

I have worked with Damien in different capacities for more than 20 years and am thrilled to be back in the fold supporting the team with copywriting services.

I have worked on both sides of the client/agency relationship across a variety of industries, from non-profit to tourism to consumer products and business-to-business services. My experience includes leadership roles in advertising, branding, event management and public relations for organizations ranging from start-ups to large, established corporations.

My extensive background in marketing strategy informs my approach to writing. While every client is different, they all share a determined enthusiasm for their product. Savvy business leaders all desire to communicate the value of their unique product in a voice crafted to resonate with specific target audiences. I understand the importance and subtleties of purposeful storytelling in a way that reflects an organization’s culture.

Helping clients stand out from the crowd by telling the story no one else can tell is my passion. This also means I get to dive deep into the backstories of amazing businesses, explore the ins and outs of emerging business models, and experience the unfolding of an organization as it evolves.

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