Web Design Sugar Land: TMS Serenity Center

Sugar Land Web Design Project

N&C web design project for TMS Serenity Center in Sugar Land, TX. This is photo of the owner using the TMS deviceTMS Serenity Center approached Nelson & Co. (N&C) for their web design and development needs related to their Sugar Land area TMS services for patients suffering from severe depression. The new site needed to be user friendly, have easy content management, feed to social media and present a fresh new look and feel for the practice. Dr. Kimberly Cress is owner and a licensed Psychiatrist who has lept to the forefront of the TMS field. TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and utilizes equipment containing an MRI strength magnet which can be focused on the areas of the brain which are less active during depression…basically stimulating a weak muscle so that they strengthen and produce the much needed chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. The success rate is very high and TMS is quickly becoming the non-medical treatment of choice in many situations. I realized I am no doctor, so forgive me if this isn’t 100% correct, but the point is this: TMS sounds like something from Star Trek and there is a huge learning and acceptance curve that needs to be overcome.

N&C took on the web design and development challenge while addressing these obstacles … textually and visually addressing the issue of depression and the benefits of TMS therapy. Kimberly has a great staff that we also worked with, and cumulatively selected images, taglines, videos and content to pull this off. We employed a custom design in a very user friendly content management system (CMS) with tools for linking to social media, feeding content to social media, transitioning major messages in a home page slider tool, video testimonials and many other great features.

The site was successfully launched in late 2015 and has since seen increases in site viewers, pages viewed and time on site. N&C has gone on to handle a number of marketing activities including SEO, social media page design, content feeding, e-newsletters and a number of other things in the works. Through the process of learning about TMS Serenity Center, we have come to appreciate this advanced technology that can make huge differences in the lives of people suffering from depression … a rewarding experience for us all to be a part of.