N&C Lands Comprehensive Branding Campaign Agreement with Sugar Land Based Colony Dental

Nelson & Co. recently acquired Colony Dental as a new branding campaign client for print graphic design, web development and web marketing services. Dr. Sam Cress of Colony Dental Associates and The Center for Craniofacial & Dental Sleep Medicine is Sugar Land based, but a nationally recognized dental practice specializing in comprehensive dentistry and in the construction of high quality dental restorations including a revolutionary sleep apnea appliance, dental implant restorations and therapy to treat TMD (TMJ). Dr. Cress also offers traditional cosmetic dentistry featuring the Emax Elite smile makeovers which are notably something special. Nelson & Co., LLC (N&C) met with Dr. Cress and his team several months ago to develop a strategy for re-branding the practice literature and to help communicate his wealth of knowledge and experience to the communities he serves, traditionally Greater Houston, but international patients are a common occurrence for this specialized dental practice.

A logo and website were already in existence, N&C took on the responsibility of recreating brochures, PowerPoint presentations, fresh website content writing, maintenance, security, SEO, social media, and paid advertising initiatives which are cumulatively having a positive impact. Over the last 30 days, as compared to the same period of time last year, the colonydental.com website traffic has seen a 437% increase in visitor sessions and a 309% increase in page views, while also reducing the site’s bounce rate by nearly 23%. N&C Founder, Damien Nelson, stated, “It’s always satisfying to take on a comprehensive campaign where we can employ multiple design and marketing skill sets in such a way that their whole is much greater than the sum of their parts. It’s not always easy to communicate this marketing principle to prospective clients. It’s a leap of faith on their part, that often results in an ‘A-Ha Moment’ once the campaign is in effect and the results begin to show. However, Dr. Cress was on board from the beginning and it has been a great working relationship for both companies.”

Sugar Land Cosmetic Dental Specialist, Dr. Sam Cress of Colony Dental “From my personal experience in the marketing arena I have never come across a company that is as thorough in their approach as Nelson & Company. N&C views my dental practi… Read More Dr. Sam Cress - Colony Dental / Sugar Land, TX