Houston Area Web Development: Consortiem

Houston Web Development Project Overview for area start-up, Consortiem.

Over the years, Nelson & Co, LLC has accumulated a significant number of Houston web development clients. Consortiem is one such client. They are a business services company that leverages the combined purchasing volume of its clients in order to negotiate meaningful discounts on their behalf. The owners approached Nelson & Co., LLC (N&C) with the need to establish its brand. Along with the color pallette, logo and identity package efforts, N&C built a WordPress content management system (CMS) managed web site along with the additional tasks of domain name research, web hosting, and email account setups. The site and logo can be seen at Consortiem.com.

What is WordPress?

N&C has a long history with WordPress web development projects throughout the Greater Houston area and stemming back to the days when WordPress was primarily a blogging tool. At that time, N&C would use WordPress for the news/blogging section of a custom developed site and pull the news content into it via RSS (really simple syndication) which allowed the content to be displayed embedded in the rest of the site. As most people know, WordPress has gone on to capture the majority of the market for web design and development with thousands of plugins (feature tools) to handle most any web tool request. So, any given Word Press site will have the CMS, the plugins and a theme which can be a custom developed theme or theme templates are available for purchase and modification. Themes give the site its color pallete, fonts, page structure, navigational functionality, and the ability to add articles or blogs.

Why use a pre-built WordPress Theme?

As WordPress theme templates have also improved in quality over the past couple years, N&C sometimes recommends them as a cost-effective, yet quality option for newly formed companies looking for their first website, particularly if its primary purpose is to serve as a web based informational piece, sometimes called a brochure site. Consortiem fit this criteria perfectly and they now have a site system with the capabilities to grow as they grow as long as the system is maintained and update. There is often no need for reconstruction of a completely new site, when an existing CMS based site can be re-skinned with a new theme and content be reorganized or expanded as needed.

Nelson & Co., LLC was very excited to have Houston area Consortiem as a new client and we look forward to ongoing project work with this growing organization.