Dr. Sam Cress Gets Social

Sugar Land Cosmetic Dental Specialist, Dr. Sam Cress of Colony Dental
Dr. Sam Cress, DDS is a general and cosmetic dentist in Sugar Land, TX with the added expertise of sleep dentistry for snoring and TMJ.

If you have ever been a dental patient of Dr. Sam Cress, DDS or know him personally, you already know that he is one of the most social and personable people you will likely ever meet. To our delight and anticipation, Nelson & Co., LLC (N&C) took on Dr. Cress’ practices, Colony Dental and the Center for Craniofacial and Dental Sleep Medicine around the beginning of 2015. We were asked to look at everything. Dr. Cress was already a well known figure in the Sugar Land community with many years of experience creating beautiful smiles, a number of magazine cover stories and frequent presentations on his industry leading sleep studies, but one thing was readily apparent: Though he had a web presence with a newly designed website, Dr. Cress was not on social media. Imagine our surprise. An outgoing, publicly social and successful dentist was not so social online. Among a host of other recommendations, social media would be one marketing area we hoped to address for him and his Sugar Land dental practice.

After some discussion regarding the importance of social media, we were given the green light and began setting up his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages, which are now accessible through his website and the various social platforms. The great staff at Dr. Cress’ office, SEO.com and N&C are all posting informative articles on cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, sleep apnea and TMJ as well as light-hearted dentistry jokes and a number of promotions for his practice. We have a long way to go, but Dr. Cress’ online social personality is beginning to shine just like he does in person. Use the links below to visit and follow Dr. Cress on one or all of his social platforms for access to these great articles and promotions.

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