DermSurgery Associates Website

The DermSurgery website was a great challenge for us in portraying them as a serious medical institution while also giving the practice a spa services type feel. On one hand, DermSurgery offers the world renowned Mohs skin cancer surgery services of Dr. Goldberg, and on the other hand, they offer cosmetic, laser and general dermatology services. These four areas of practice needed to be displayed prominently on the site. We also wanted to be able to correlate the doctors with the various services they offer AND  the conditions those services treat in such a way that the site would serve as a research tool for visitors seeking to understand treatments available for a condition they are experiencing. And vise-versa, be able to look up a treatment they have heard of to understand what conditions that treatment can address. Additional goals include the site being easy to maintain and upgrade, serve as a good platform for SEO (search engine optimization) initiatives, ability to automatically feed content to social media and an e-newsletter ,and finally to provide meaningful patient & doctor tools. We have a five year agreement with DermSurgery to handle all of these services. We feel we have done this successfully with the site and look forward to feedback and future growth of the site.