A Website is Reborn: Alliance Health Resources CMS & Parallax Site

In 2014, N&C landed a web design contract for Alliance Health Resources through MedTrak Data, a company that develops practice management software for doctors offices (and a past web design client). Alliance Health Resources is a medical facility, but with a specific area of focus. This medical practice operates out of a brand new facility in Deer Park, TX and has a number of mobile medical trucks all outfitted with equipment and knowledgeable staff members ready to serve Texas businesses with occupational health testing services, many of which are required for OSHA compliance. Our particular project was to design the look and feel for a client back-end system where client businesses can log in and retrieve medical results data, primarily in a pass/fail format. This project was successful and N&C was given the opportunity to take on the Alliance Health Resources (AHR) website, which was a great opportunity. Following some visual cues from the client system, N&C arranged a photo shoot with AHR and Hugh Hargraves, a well known Houston photographer. N&C then designed and developed the ahrmobile.com website and took it live in August of 2015. The website offers insight on the various testing services they offer, information about the practice in general, contact information, a link to facebook and a login for the client back-end system. Design and development-wise, N&C utilized a content management system (CMS), custom design templates and the concept of parallax, which is a term that comes from photography where, for example, you have two subjects in your viewfinder, one in the foreground and one in the background. As you raise the camera, the two subjects appear to be moving vertically at different speeds. Visit the site and scroll vertically to see how the background images moves with the scrolling. The next step is SEO and web marketing. N&C is very excited to have Alliance Health Resources in our client portfolio and hope to post more great work from this agreement in the near future! If you or someone you know could benefit from a CMS based website with SEO capabilities, a custom design, and features that improve user experience, contact N&C for a quote!