Website Security

Houston website security services

While no website is hack-proof, our Sugar Land, TX based Nelson & Co. office offers the Greater Houston area a host of services to help address this growing concern:

  1. Install and configure a security suite that monitors and blocks such activities much like your virus software does on your desktop computer.
  2. Review website access passwords for WordPress users, FTP and hosting to improve where needed. In today’s climate, this is a necessity as hackers gaining access to a server can be detrimental to all of the other websites on the server and can be extremely costly to eradicate.
  3. Perform quarterly WordPress and plugin updates that protect the site from hackers, give added functionality, and ensure the site remains current and relevant from a coding perspective.
  4. Perform off-server site backups on a regular basis so that, should the server fail or fall victim to a hacker, we will have the files needed to rapidly get the site back up and running on the server or in a new hosting account.

We believe these website security services are of utmost important and sufficient for most small to mid-sized businesses looking to protect their site, customer base, site visitors and have peace of mind that reasonable efforts are being taken.