Print & Web Service Retainers

Retainer Packages that fit your needs

Let N&C be your company's one-stop print & web services department.

The following is a list of typical web related services for which our team has a strong skill set and which we currently provide our customers on a retainer basis. Retainers can be customized to fit your budget and specific service needs.

  • Registrar, hosting, email and web server management
  • Site content, repairs, updates, strategy, planning, new features
  • SEO and reporting
  • Social Media page design and management
  • Content writer strategy, management, SEO integration, posting
  • Paid Advertising (Facebook, Adwords)
  • WordPress or other CMS system security, system updates, plugin updates, back-ups
  • Print Ads, billboard, PowerPoints, vehicle wraps, brochures, signage, banners, logos & identity package
  • Print specs, paper selections, bid requests and press job management

Why does a Retainer Makes Sense?

Just a couple points on the benefits of retainer –vs- hiring so you can compare apples-to-apples in your evaluation:

  • An employee provides one strong skillset or several decent skillsets. A retainer delivers a team with a host of strong cumulative skillsets and brainstorming capability … graphic design, print, and technical web expertise in this case.
  • Employees have added HR expenses, office space, benefits and matching tax implications that can increase the real cost significantly. So, a $60K employee’s real cost can be $80-90K or more.
  • Employees are paid for 40 hrs/week, but actual productive hours are typically around 60-70% of that, while retainers are only for those productive hours that are logged. A retainer's hourly rate may seem inflated when comparing against a salaried employee, but isn't usually the case.
  • Easier for the business to scale up or down as needed.
  • If you have one employee who does and knows everything and he/she leaves, it’s like starting over, or worse if you don’t have proper documentation. If N&C has an employee leave, we have other team members from the project to continue the work. We also have documentation processes in place that enable us to continue with minimal delay. Finally, we provide the client with info for all accounts so the client can continue on in our absence. The ties that will bind us together as partners are not based on fear, but rather trust and respect.
  • If you have one employee managing multiple initiatives, they need help. Retainers work best when we have a point-person to work with inside the company. Let them manage the big picture and let N&C do all the heavy lifting.