Houston identity package design services

There are some things every business needs right from the start. N&C works with its clients to develop or redevelop their identity with a package that matches their company vision and market positioning goals.

Business Starter Package


This mark visually becomes the key graphic clients and prospects will recognize and identify with your organization. Our logos start with client interviews, industry research, color selection, shapes and font treatments. We present multiple concepts. Once a final logo is determined, we further develop it into its needed variations for print web, black & white and in versions for stacked and horizontal needs. We also create a logo description document that identifies PMS, CMYK and RGB colors, fonts and specific logo details that may come in handy with designers and printers.

Business Cards

One of the first things requested during an initial business conversation, a business card can establish your organizations positioning immediately instilling perceptions.

Letterhead, MS Word Template, Outlook Signature Block

Cover all your bases with pre-printed letterhead, 2nd sheets, a Microsoft Word template and Microsoft Outlook signature blocks for your employees


Business happens digitally, but there are still times when an envelope comes in handy. The N&C identity package includes design for #10 envelopes as well as additionally required envelope sizes.

Printing & Print Management Services

Once the identity components are identified, Nelson & Co. will work with its network of professional printers specifying printing requirements such as paper, inks, make ready and deliveries.

Additional Services:

Branding Manuals

For larger companies, a branding manual may also be in order. We will spec out logo details, dimensions, required spacing, how alternate versions can be used, and provide examples of logo usage on vehicles and promotional items.