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Google is removing ads on their search side bar. We have already noticed searches where Google was not showing ads and where we believed ads would likely exist. The Search Engine Journal (SEJ) offered the following article on the subject, but the big questions are unknown at this point. Included is an Read More
A website needs two accounts to run; a Registrar and Hosting account. When building a new website, taking over maintenance of a website or doing search engine optimization (SEO) for a website, our staff will typically need to create or acquire login access to one or both of these account.
Two Main Accounts
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Google is continuing to improve their search algorithm to weed out “black hat” SEO practices, or web spamming. Nelson & Co. strives to manage their SEO clients with a “white hat” strategy, which is to say that the marketing techniques improve the site’s readability Read More
Google did an update, named Penguin, which furthered their efforts to improve their ranking algorithm. Here are seven suggestions I received in an industry newsletter from Jag Infotech:
  1. Do not Spam websites with meaningless keywords in the content.
  2. If your website is displaying Ads on the top of the
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I recently read an article from the i-Entry Network regarding a Google algorithm change announcement related to site who significantly load their pages with ads and who, in particular, have important content below the fold. Matt Cutts wrote the following on the Google Webmaster Central Blog: We’ve Read More
The term “online reputation management” came up a number of years ago and it immediately got my attention. This term relates to both organizations and individuals. As information continues to move online, its importance is ever growing. Read More
This information came from Tiffany at WebProWorld. Her post was a review of  statements made by members of Google’s search team and she listed 24 takeaways in relation to my previous post about a recent Google update, here are a couple takeaways that correlate: Read More
Google recently rolled out an algorithm update and its all about “freshness.” Discussions have ensued, but the consensus appears to be that, though this was a very subtle update, its purpose is to better target the newest content possible. Those with traditional static web pages may Read More
In Web Marketing After SEO – Step 1 and Step 2, we discussed the implementation of a blog tool, RSS subscriptions, distributing blog content throughout your website, and feeding blog content to your social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In Step 3, we’ll discuss how to use your Read More
In Step 1 of our “Go Social” series, we discussed the benefits of integrating a blog tool into your website and how to distribute the added work among office staff members, while still maintaining control over final published work. We also pointed out that this will lay the groundwork for Read More