Here are some instructions on building and editing a menu in WordPress:
  1. Log into the WordPress installation, choose Appearance from the left column, then Menus, then the “Header” tab (or one that relates to the main nav) above the right column area if not already chosen.
  2. See how the primary
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I often receive articles or links to articles created by others and am asked to put it in the site. What we do instead is write a summary paragraph referencing the piece then either link to the site with the article, or if it’s a PDF, post the PDF to the Media section and link to it. I also like to add a boiler plate Read More
Google is removing ads on their search side bar. We have already noticed searches where Google was not showing ads and where we believed ads would likely exist. The Search Engine Journal (SEJ) offered the following article on the subject, but the big questions are unknown at this point. Included is an Read More